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learn > Visualization of the Network

Visualization of the Network

Chapter 7

7 Visualization of the Network

Toggles visibility of nodes. Primarily a visualization tool

Node visibility

V2: maybe this should be an option for a type of network in
the ‘create’ step

Global node visibility toggle

Node scaling

Defines the size of nodes by a particular calculated
property or custom value

Changes the range of the node scale size

Defines the colors of nodes by a particular calculated
property or custom value

Colors are defined as a ramp between N node property values
gradienting in between the two

Defines what content is shown in the node label

Node labels can be sized based on a property as well

V2: node labels needs an on/off visibility toggle

Add a drop shadow to node

Edge Scaling

Set a width on edges or scale them by a property

Set opacity of Edges

Color the edges based on a calculated property

Not sure why gradient v. uniform option is on the left side
edit bar. It should be put in this section

Smooth vs continuous

Background color

Ability to choose a color on background or upload an image

Upload image as background