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learn > Advanced Custom Visualizations

Advanced Custom Visualizations

Chapter 12

12 Advanced Custom Visualizations

Spotlight node:

● When toggled ON

● Select single node and neighbors become colored and the
rest are monochrome and transparent

V2 note: This should be only in default mouse mode; and
should be disabled in Marquee selection. Could be in a viz
control panel?

V3 CSS: Issue with edge widths when selected;

Editing: Add Node, Edge; Remove

Ability to add and remove from network

● “+” adds a new node:

○ If no nodes are selected, it adds a node into empty space

○ If nodes are selected, the new node creates links with
that node

● “/” adds link

○ Links are created between any nodes that are selected

● “X” removes nodes

○ Any nodes that are selected are removed and their links

Custom shapes

Ability to manually change node, edge, and text color of
selected nodes

V2: should have better defaults and these are opt-in
advanced features